10 August 1997

Telemarketing #2

Schultz: Hello?

Second Telemarketer: May I speak with Mr. Schultz?

Schultz: That's me.

Second Telemarketer: Mr. Schultz, I have something to tell you about home owners and interest …

Schultz: (cutting her off) Everyone knows what homo's are interested in!

Second Telemarketer: I beg your pardon?

Schultz: Homo's are interested in sodomy and fellatio! [Note: this last is a paraphrase. I actually used "saltier" language.]

Second Telemarketer: (laughing) Oh, I didn't say "homo's" I said "home owners!"

Schultz: Oh — and you must be talking about interest like in mortgage rates!

Second Telemarketer: Yes!

Schultz: Oh, I won't talk about money: that's obscene! (hangs up)

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