24 February 2010

Separated at Birth?

Thuringian Gauleiter
Fritz Sauckel

Belarusian President
Alexander Lukashenko

23 February 2010

Separated at Birth? (by Mrs. Willingham)

Vincent Van Gogh,
famous mentally ill artist

Chris Martin,
singer of British band Coldplay

08 February 2010

Beats Me?

So, Pod-Man and I spent Superbowl Sunday at the Field Museum. That's the best day to go there too, since everybody except the Asians is at home or in a bar watching the dumb game. Anyway, it was fun just going through the galleries and being together.

Dutchman: Says here that the Stripped Hyena has horizontal markings, while the Spotted Hyena is covered with black circles.

Pod-Man: How can you tell them apart?

Dutchman: Uhhhh — it doesn't say.