08 October 2008

The Connoisseur

Back in January of 2003, when Pod-man was about nine, we were both supernumeraries in the Lyric production of Un ballo in Maschera with Wayne Tigges and Christopher Dickerson who were in comprimario roles. At the time Tigges and Dickerson were both in the Lyric's apprenticeship program, the Lyric Opera Center for American Artists; they have since gone on to impressive careers.

Right then we were waiting for act one to start. Pod-man was watching from the wings, as he didn't appear in act one, while Tigges and Dickerson entered after the curtain went up. So they talked:

Pod-man: I like it when Maestro Elder conducts; I think he really feels the music.

Tigges: Oh, you do?

Dickerson: Who else do you like?

Pod-man: I like Maestro Bartoletti because he's master of the Italian repertory, Andrew Davis is too nonchalant about conducting, I really like Eschenbach, he so sensitive. My dad likes Furtwängler in recorded music, but I think Bruno Walter gets a bigger sound out of the orchestra.

Tigges: (Looks uneasily at Dickerson) That's about what I'd pick.

Dickerson: (Nods in agreement) Yeah.

Now, this whole time, Pod-man has been twisting the sole of his shoe against the floor.

Dickerson: What are you doing with your foot?

Pod-man: When I move my foot like this — it makes a farting sound!