15 July 1997

Telemarketing #1

Mr. Schultz: Hello?

Telemarketer: Mr. Schultz?

Mr. Schultz: Yes?

Telemarketer: We're calling home owners like yourself …

Mr. Schultz: (Interrupting) Did you call me a homo?

Telemarketer: Sir? I said "home owners."

Mr. Schultz: (yelling) There you go again! Look, I've been married seventeen years! I got three kids! Where the hell do you get off calling me a homo?

Telemarketer: But I didn't …

Mr. Schultz: Are you on your knees?

Telemarketer: Sir?

Mr. Schultz: You shall address me from a kneeling position. Are you on your knees?

Telemarketer: No …

Mr. Schultz: I shall not put up with such insolence! (hangs up)

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