27 December 2008

Separated at Birth?

Nick Eck

Fr. Frank Phillips

24 December 2008

National Hook-Up Day

According to Manhunt, a social networking website that facilitates same-sex casual sex, New Year's Day is the busiest day for red-hot, soul destroying, man-on-man, anonymous, steamy, impersonal, oral and anal sodomy with strangers. In fact, it has now been declared "National Hook-Up Day!"

Makes sense if you think about it. I mean, everybody is off work and no body has any plans. After a nice party the night before, all the boys are primed for more sizzling action the next day.

As for me, I'm afraid I'll have to miss out on all the torrid, slippery fun, as I will be hearing the Mass of the Circumcision of the Lord at Saint John Cantius parish.

Don't you just hate it when you have two fun things to do on the same day and can only choose one?

15 December 2008

Way Cool Water Tower!

Bean-Girl and I were taking the train out to Naperville to hear Stacy Tappan sing, when we passed through Riverside and saw this amazing water tower:

It's sad to think that no city council since the 1920's would authorized a delightfully eccentric public expenditure.

10 December 2008

Prowling the Night City ...

... leathern clad, jump boots for speed, gray flag flying defiantly on the left. I shall not hold the beast of prey to be "evil" merely for utilizing his own strength — unless, of course, he comes home after curfew!