29 November 2012

Separated at Birth?

Soviet Spy Chief, Lavrenti Beria

Scientific Chef Christopher Kimball

12 November 2012

Separated At Birth?

Writer Andres Vachss
Nut-job Fred Phelps

06 November 2012

Separated at Birth?

Roseanne Barr

Tammy Duckworth

21 September 2012

Separated at Birth?

That Dutchman in 1983

That Topman in 2012

24 July 2012

Found inside the back cover of a paperback copy of ‘The Complete Stories: Vol. II’, by D.H. Lawrence at The Armadillo's Pillow Book Company:

Don’t [here the word ‘know’ is crossed out] marry no man you can’t stand to take to bed. I was married to the sweetest man, died at 48 from the drink. If I told him to sit in the corner he would. Had 3x chance to marry after that but couldn’t bear the sigh[t} of any of us naked. Yeah, he was a good, man. liked to drink. grouchy, sober, but we had a lot of fun drunk.
I was at the wedding, dancing, & got myself laid up for 3 weeks my sister yelled at me- what were ya doing? You made a damn fool of yourself. I was doing the polka. You were not, you were jumping up & dow[n] – that’s the damn polka.

29 May 2012

Separated at Birth?

Wacky eccentric Pee Wee Herman
Seriously psychopathic Phil Spector

18 April 2012


When Pod-Man was about three I found a suspcious lump in his overcoat pocket. Pulling out something, I looked at it and commented, "Ah! Linty raisin treats!" and put it back in, sending him on his way. Later on, when Wife-Mate was asking what on earth the Pod-Boy was eating out of his pocket, and he answered "Linty rasin treats," I acted like I knew nothing about it.

14 April 2012

Separated at Birth?

Kevin Costner

Frank Warrren

30 March 2012

Don't let's be low down and dirty!

Recently, somone began to troll the fellow who preaches on the street in front of Old Navy, and this photo was posted on Facebook:

Now, while many people might be annoyed by him, I actually like Reverend Chambers and usually give him a quarter for one of his tracts whenever I pass by. His masterpiece is “The Truth About Homosexuality.” (Ask for it by name next time you see him!) Here's the very best passage from that informative brochure:

The Lord Jesus Christ has put it on my heart to tell you the truth about sex, according to the Holy Bible! The Bible teaches (in Deuteronomy chapter 22, verse five) that "woman shall not wear that with pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on put on a woman’s garment; for all that do so are abomination unto the Lord thy God." It is deceitful for a woman to wear or use that which pertaineth unto a man! In our day lesbians are using something that looks like a rubber penis, molded in the image of the penis of the man, and committing whoredom with it! This is just low down and dirty! The Bible says (in the letter of Paul to the Galatians chapter six, verse seven) "Make no mistake about it, no one makes a fool of God!”

Anyway — about a year ago, my son and I were riding our bicycles down State Street when we were stopped by the light in front of Old Navy. At that moment, Rev. Chambers was asking the crowd, “Is anybody saved? Is even one of you saved?”

Naturally, being a helpful sort of person, I shouted back, “I’m saved!”

“What are you saved from?” the good preacher replied.

I was about to answer something appropriate (e.g. the fires of Hell, eternal damnation, that worm that never dies …), when my son yells out, “Homosexuality!”

Chambers rejoiced at this, “Praise God!”

Ever since, whenever I ride by, he points me out and yells, “That man is saved!”

03 March 2012