24 September 2007

Axiomatically Impossible

So, Pod-Man was on the bus to school the other day when someone called him a "Motherfucking faggot."

Calmly, he turned around and confronted the fellow, asking, "Which will it be? If I were a foggot, then I certainly wouldn't be interested in fucking your mother. And if I were fucking your mother, then that would make me at lest a bi-sexual."

03 September 2007

Who came up with this?

Good To Grow is a program featured in supermarkets to educate children about healthy foods featuring Paz, a penguin "who teaches by example." Recently, Bean-girl and I saw a large display of Paz in the produce section urging children to eat vegetables five times a day.

Bean-Girl: That's stupid!

Dutchman: Why?

Bean-Girl: Penguins don't eat vegetables!