22 August 2004

Fighting Fire

It’s Sunday afternoon and I trying to take a nap on the couch when someone pulls up in a Hummer and begins to bark their horn. You know the story — too lazy to get out and ring the door-bell, this jerk is going to honk until everyone in the neighborhood (including the person they’re here to pick-up) is looking out to see who it is. So I tell the Pod-Man, “Go out and tell that ass-hole to cut it out.”

So my eager little boy runs out, and I hear the horn honk a few more times, then I’m knocked off the couch by a loud blast. I look outside and Pod-Man is standing by the open passenger window with his rail-road air-horn. (You know, the kind of compressed-air horn they use to warn track crews that a train is coming …)

The woman in the Hummer is furious and she starts to honk her horn in anger, but then Pod-Man gives another ear-splitting blast from the air-horn and she quits.

Wow — I love that kid!