24 July 2012

Found inside the back cover of a paperback copy of ‘The Complete Stories: Vol. II’, by D.H. Lawrence at The Armadillo's Pillow Book Company:

Don’t [here the word ‘know’ is crossed out] marry no man you can’t stand to take to bed. I was married to the sweetest man, died at 48 from the drink. If I told him to sit in the corner he would. Had 3x chance to marry after that but couldn’t bear the sigh[t} of any of us naked. Yeah, he was a good, man. liked to drink. grouchy, sober, but we had a lot of fun drunk.
I was at the wedding, dancing, & got myself laid up for 3 weeks my sister yelled at me- what were ya doing? You made a damn fool of yourself. I was doing the polka. You were not, you were jumping up & dow[n] – that’s the damn polka.