26 December 2005

Too Much Opera!

Bean-Girl loves rubber monster movies. You know the kind: Godzilla, It Came from Beneath the Sea, Fiend Without a Face, that sort of thing.
So, naturally, she was over-joyed when I gave her a DVD of THEM!, a 1954 film about ants the size of a Packard sedan that infest the sewers of Los Angeles. Naturally the huge bugs are the product of radioactive fallout, are slow-moving and phony looking, and are eradicated by the Army using flame-throwers. Suspense is built by the simple device of a sort of buzzing/twitching/clicking sound every time the ants are near. A perfect entertainment, n'est-ce pas?

So, Bean-Girl and I are watching this cinematic gem, when Wife-Mate comes into the room. The ants were making their buzzing/twitching/clicking sound and Bean-Girl was very excited, "The bugs are coming! That's their leitmotif!"