22 September 2008

Snappy Answer

So, I'm at work where I came up with a pretty clover solution to a problem. And this customer saw me do it, and he was impressed with my ingenuity, and he says, "Gee — you really know how to problem solve!"

"That's because I never backwards talk."

10 September 2008

Another of my Dad's jokes

My father was out in Los Angeles filming a commercial for Listerine when he was invited to an Hollywood party. Lulu showed up at the party and my father said, "What a stroke of luck! Maybe she'll sing a medley of her greatest hit."

One of my Dad's jokes

Probably in 1965 we were watching TV when Lee Phillip came on. Laconically, Dad said "You know I heard that Lee Phillip fell down the other day — broke her hair."

New Favorite Song