15 January 2011

The BEST Charlie Chan film!

It starts out with Chan in this exotic locale. He's there on business, but before he can do anything about his business, someone shows up dead. Right away, Chan proves that it's murder and exposes the devilishly clever way the fellow was killed. Pretty soon, number-something son shows up and offers to help. Chan disparages this offer with a snappy saying from Confucius, which proves to be about right, as his son is way too eager and jumps to unwarranted conclusions. Just the same, the kid is good company for his beloved "Pop," and provides a lot of comic relief. Anyway, there are about five suspects, each of them with a plausible motive for wanting the poor fellow to be murdered, but all of them having pretty good alibis as to why they didn't do it. Chan is very observant though and pretty soon he is about to reveal a key piece of evidence when, all of the sudden, the lights go out and the evidence disappears! At this point the killer is in a tight spot and he knows it. He figures that if he commits yet another crime he can cover his tracks completely. But Chan is just one step ahead of the culprit and, when the murder makes his move, Chan catches him in the act! This proves the fellow to be guilty, and naturally everyone wants to know just how Chan figured it out. No sooner does Chan finish his explanation however, when his son bursts in with an other piece of evidence, announcing quite loudly that this proves who the killer is, thus confirming Chan's assessment exactly.

Wow! I never saw it coming.

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