30 January 2009

Old Favorite Song

About fifteen years ago, I heard this great song on Dick Bartley's "Rock & Roll Oldies Show.” It was just a guy bragging, "I — am the magnificent!" to a rock-steady beat with a little bit of Ska piano and organ behind him. I waited patiently, while half-a-dozen other songs played, and then carefully wrote down the announced name: "Jungle Fever" by the Chakachas. I then promptly sent away to Nina's Discount Oldies for the 45.


"Jungle Fever" was not the song I wanted. Years later, a Google search for "I — am the magnificent!" gave out only a sample of the song I wanted by the Prophet. Damn!

Anyway, on Tuesday I heard it again on WXRT's Sound Opinions show. I immediately fund it on YouTube and now am totally blissed out!

With no further ado, here's Dave & Ansel Collins doing "Double Barrel!"

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